By the light of the bar

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Today with my sister, we took a little outing to the local laundromat to dry our blankets in the middle of the night. We talked about how we should just be more adventurous, to spontaneously go to Okinawa or get on a random bus to see where we end up. We asked ourselves about what we really wanted and we concluded that we have no clue. We thought about the future, and what we are going now to help speed our careers along. What are we doing?
It was one of those nights where we ask all of the cliche’ questions and answer none of them.
The blankets finished and were light and fluffy. We walked back home and I saw all of the colors and lights of the Izakaya bars on the way.

Oh, that’s it?

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I would like to introduce you to the place where I pass every sunday. It is a shop that sells Red Bean Paste Snacks and I would occasionally buy from him when I had a little extra time. I have been passing this shop for the past 5 years and the only words that would pass between me and the shop owner was “Good Morning” or “It’s a nice day today, huh?”.

Today we had our first conversation, and it started out like this:

Mr. Shop: Where do you go every week in that direction??

Me: I have a class over there every week.

Mr. Shop: Oh, that’s it?

Yesterday when I did my sketch, our 5 years of silence broke. And it was all thanks to me missing an email about class being canceled.

The Train Stories: What the Gods dropped

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We stand in awe of this thing called music.

It is so familiar to us yet so foreign.

Like it should not belong here on this earth.

It isn’t of this earth and it seems we were not meant to receive it.

The Gods dropped it here by accident and we would not let them have it back since.

The Gods can’t have all of the fun.

The Train Stories: Ready for work

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He has his hands clenched. He’s ready for work

His body is restless. He’s ready for work

His eyes are heavy. He’s ready for work

His smile is upside down. He’s ready for work.

His suit is wrinkled. He’s ready for work.

He bough his shoes five years ago. He’s ready for work.

The hair in the middle has long disappeared. He’s ready for work.

Are you ready for work too?

Closing the day

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I learned the importance of a ten yen today. Every little bit counts. Yesterday I forgot to ask my sister for some extra change, and I found myself standing infront of the ticket machine face-palming myself. I was the only teacher for today’s activity, it would have been really unfortunate had I not had that extra bit of money to get on the train.

Every month the school puts one of the teachers I charge to teach an activity. The theme for each month changes, and this month is all about food.
Though I have been at my present job for a little over three years now, my nerves never fail to take over me and I dread the activity day.
I am happy to report that it all went well as I knew deep down it would. I don’t know why I keep reverting back to worry even though I am familiar with it enough to have confidence. I wonder if I will wake up someday and be fine with it all.

With a book that I recently got in the mail from a friend in my bag, and my hair up and out of my eyes, I am happy. I am happy to look around and breathe in the crisp air. I am closing my day with people watching at the station and dinner with a friend.

The Train Stories: Dreadlock Man

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The guy with the dreads has it all figured out.

He doesn’t stress out about what people think

of him or the radiation that he is getting from his phone.

 He had insecurities but kicked them to the curb.

He put fear into his pocket and never let it come out again.

Now he is not afraid to ask. Not afraid to try.

Not afraid to work hard- because life is just

 more fun that way.

Good going Dreadlock Man

Flee love and it will follow thee

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The Japanese have a way with words. What would this mean for you?