This is one of the pictures I would like to put in a book, if I ever made a book that is. Why, you ask? Because it is one of the things that makes Japan unique. Every corner you turn there will be another vending machine. Not only just for soft drinks, but alcohol as well. Not even that- we have one for cigarettes too. Like I said, only here!! 

Why do you think that is? 


You and I

I did a cover of a Lady Gaga song, You and I. Was inspired by her and still am. I feel like the older and older you get the more you start to loose the child-like flair for learning. Maybe its just me. I hope to never let the light go dim, and I also hope to get more interesting covers and songs up.

Even garbage has its beauty marks


I had my fun with this one because it really does represent the Boat House and how much the teens and other people leave it so dirty. Pet Bottles, Cans, Banana Peels, Rabbit Food…. it seems to all be mixed together down there. Despite that though, I find that any ordinary- or disgusting thing can be beautiful if you look at it in a different light.

Media Fest



I am currently in Nagano preparing for a street fair that I am completing postcards for.

I am looking around and trying to find things that make Nojiri special. This is one of them. For any movie night or media fest, this is how they stack the projector.