You and I

I did a cover of a Lady Gaga song, You and I. Was inspired by her and still am. I feel like the older and older you get the more you start to loose the child-like flair for learning. Maybe its just me. I hope to never let the light go dim, and I also hope to get more interesting covers and songs up.


3 thoughts on “You and I

  1. Hi Johnna,
    You have a very distinctive and likeable voice with that undefinable quality which draws the listener in. You have a natural talent and affinity. I would love to hear your own songs or compositions if you have any.


    1. David,
      Thank you very much for the lovely comment. You have encouraged me because I have been going through a slum with music. I don’t have any of my own compositions recorded, but if I do I will post them. I hope you will give them a listen if that day comes.


  2. I shall look forward to that day and will certainly have a listen and give you some quality constructive feedback. Who knows? Might even write a piece on my blog and give you some airtime on Under The Radar Live Sessions. Pls keep in touch and if you happen to know of another outstanding emerging independent musician in Japan do let me know, always happy to listen to new music.

    Kind regards,

    DD x

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