Young and confused

I suppose it is only natural to be confused. The words tend to go together well and these days people naturally tend to associate the two together. It is very rare to find someone in their 20s who has it “all under control”. Do any of us ever have it under control? I think about these ideas all the time and it frustrates me that I don’t have an answer that will cure my thirst.

Trying to find the balance and striving to get everything perfect is impossible- I know that- but with the people around me… the things I read and see on the internet… so many things scream at you and tell you how to live life. How to take advantage of every step you take to the point where you brain over flows with information you just want to slam your computer shut.

Make sure you eat fruit every day… BUT be sure to not eat it after noon. Be sure to always stick to your goals..BUT trust your gut and see where the winds take you. 


Not only is there no mystery anymore, I feel like there are just so many people playing things safe and by the books. One good thing that I have learned is that when you drop all of the misconceptions about success and when you stop when success truly comes.

Anyone have any interesting stories on that? Let me know !


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