Short time in the Bath

I heard from an online speaker on wisdom once that he was not able to sit in a bath by himself for any longer than five minutes. He didn’t fully understand why he felt so uncomfortable when he was alone with his thoughts and had only silence to comfort him. Making a long story short he realised that he couldn’t take it because he couldn’t take himself. He couldn’t stand being alone with his thoughts. Thats kind of how I felt today. I was actually planning a bath night for myself for the longest time… and when I got in… I just wanted to get out. I couldn’t stand it. 

Lets say the water was too hot… lets say I had bigger fish to fry… but who knows. Maybe I can’t be with myself longer than five minutes. I would like to think of myself as a deep-ish thinker, but at the end of the day I can’t retain half of what I learn. We are all like that… only retaining 25% of what we actually listen to. Nothing is new under the sun. 

I have been thinking of procrastinating as a form of the fear of failure. I can apply that to everything that I procrastinate about. Piano… Design Work… Singing Practice…. or maybe something even as simple as saying I love you to some one. Showing your true self. Im sure that if I sit here with the computer on Ill be able to think of a handful of examples from my life alone. That is why– when I am in the bathtub alone- me,myself,and I- my thoughts don’t float to things that could be practical or have an positive impact on my life or anybody else’s. My current goal is that when I get into that bath on Sunday night, I will set my mental flow of thoughts in a more positive direction. So a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

What do you all think about when you are in the bath? 


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