Oui Oui!

The good thing about living in Japan is that you can have the chance to get exposed to so many different cultures and people. Tonight we had people who could speak Spanish, Japanese, French, and English in the same room. It was a lot of fun sharing the quirks and talking about the languages. It makes me wonder how to actually become fluent. So many people try it and are able to do it. I am considering starting French because I meet so many French people these days. I think Im going to take it as a sign. Ill let you guys know how that comes along. HAH.

We all talk about those hills that you pass to be able to fully grasp the language itself. You feel yourself striving in your head to cross- and it is so difficult. Right now in my Japanese as well, I just have to memorise a lot of vocabulary to be able to fully be considered “fluent”. So many goals…so little time. 

How do you all manage your time? Do you have a system and does it seem to work? Share your life hacks with me. 


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