New Ideas..always more things to do.

Today was a pretty darn good day. I ended up bumping into so many people that I knew. Must have been……. about 30 in just one day. It is always so much fun to see a familiar face. I suppose it is the same feeling a dog gets when the owner comes back home.

I currently realised (and keep realising) how much harder I need to work. 

When I was younger, I learned a lot of my Japanese by watching a movie in Japanese every morning for three months. I credit my current level a lot to that because I forced myself to listen to it so much. I decided that I will currently challenge myself to learn French and Korean the same way and see if it would make a difference. Im sure that my being able to speak to Japanese people as well (living in the country it is pretty easy). However, when I was young I did not have too much excitement to socially mingle with Japanese people. Only was interested in talking to a few friends from the neighborhood. I did not actually speak too much in my early stages- so I want to find out what I have been preaching all of these years is actually an effective way to learn a language. 

Will be starting with French. Wish me luck. 

Do you think it is a negative or positive thing to be focused on so many things? Juggling all of these ideas and hobbies all of the time? 


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