Who Will Cry When You Die

I would like to present to you, the book “Who will cry when you die?”.

The title I found to be quite morbid when I first picked it up, but after he explained the title, it hooked me into the rest of the book.

I am currently half through reading it and I find the information quite useful and relatable.

He simply goes through points to enhance the quality of life and how you can enjoy it better and squeeze as much out of the lemon as possible.

I hope it is not only me, but whenever I read self-help books, I nod and think I have a revolution. I set goals to do an 180 turn but old habits always tend to creep back up. One thing he mentioned spoke to me and just might be the way for me to start off and change my ways.

 “Always have a book in your bag”. Have one of the great novelists and wisdom givers of this world, right in hands reach. You have to always refresh yourself and remind yourself is what the point of it all is. I found that that would be a good place to start. Buy a lot of good books. Glancing over at my shelf now- Confessions of a Shopoholic is not exactly the best read.

We do actually have a good selection besides that one, but I feel like I need a lot more from the real wisdom-teachers of this world. We have not one book on Ghandi. I have read countless quotes from him- why not read an actual book? I hear an amazon order calling out to me!

What are some books that you have been itching to buy?


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