The Sherlock Mind

I would like to know by show of hands, how many people have low attention span?

I know I do, and watching a TED talk this morning on slight of hand did not boost confidence in that area whatsoever. Noticing the little things is not my strong point.

However, it is seeming to me more and more that the small details in life play such a big role. We do not see them- perhaps even choose not to see– to the point where it could be a sin to continue in our carbon copy lives.

Take the Sherlock TV show for example. After watching Holmes analyze everything and everyone he came into contact with, I naturally started to examine everything in my life as well. Riding the train, I would try to find meaning for every stain I saw on the jacket of a stranger and it was all because I saw someone do it, and perhaps my subconscious mind believed that it was possible.

It was fun, however, it did not last long. The ritual seemed to fade away, like forgetting a dream after waking.

The question I would like to ask is, How to put the present on the front burner? How to take everything you see in and fully appreciate it. I would like to think that each human being is capable of achieving a higher level of attentiveness if we would make a little bit more effort. Heck– we can’t let Sherlock have all the fun.


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