Procrastination = Fear

I would like to say that the reason I have not written in two days is because forces of the universe were against me. My mouse did not work … my house was too cold… too tired… people came over and that hindered me from focusing and writing something I was pleased with. 


I have started to dislike excuses these days- especially my own. All of the things that were preventing me from getting on the ball were totally avoidable. Could realising it I believe is the first step to change?

They say that procrastination is just another way to describe the fear of failure. The reason that we don’t do things we need to do right away is because we are afraid that we will not be able to do that task justice. 

I find that the more you catch yourself, the more you are apt to change. I encourage everyone who reads this to get off this lazy train with me and get all of our crap done! 

Well that rant is off my chest.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a very important episode of Elementary to watch.


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