Eat your peas

I love receiving packages in the mail. It’s like a Christmas present, but expected.

I got a brand new book, hot off the writing press titled, “The Paris Letters”. I just started reading it and I love how relatable she is to a good majority of the current working world. She presents her story beautifully. It is as if she sits you down for a cup if coffee and is telling it to you then and there. Knowing what she went through and her past, I feel happy for her and it gives me hope that my own life could someday change.

Don’t get me wrong- I don’t lead the worst life and I feel bad about complaining because I am not starving in some third-world country. The same feeling goes along for when your mother tells you to finish all of your peas because people are starving in Africa. The point however is that each of us have a common point. Each one of us target our efforts towards one thing – the hope of a better life.

There is nothing wrong in wishing for a richer situation. There is nothing wrong to want more happiness. And I find nothing wrong with not eating the peas if you want to save your palate for something more enjoyable. Learning how to share your plate with as many as you can is essential for having that better life.


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