Write to learn what you know.

I strolled on home after work today with my mind swimming with thoughts. I missed my fast train home, and I thought about how others would react to this. Some would be annoyed, and some would mutter a curse word beneath their breath. I find myself not to be like this though. Especially since I have taken up the habit of having a book in my bag at all times. I catch stray thoughts as I wait. What is the point of complaining? The world won’t stop spinning for whiney humans either way.

I keep realizing over and over how many things I want to express and how many dreams I would love to uncover for myself. My problem is though that I don’t think about how I will make my dreams come true; rather, I passively spend my time thinking about other places I could be and other things I could do. Something has to change and I had to find something to nudge me along to make that change.

I find that writing has the magical power to do that. Not only writing in my blog, but writing four pages of journal a day I found to be quite therapeutic as well. You can see the course of your life before your eyes– your thoughts in the morning and in the evening. After time passes, just like a dream journal I imagine, you will soon find patterns in your thoughts and it will be up to you to change them. The interesting part is, you don’t rely on an outside source for this as much as you rely on yourself . You write to learn what you already know.

By the way, would anyone want a free postcard from Japan?


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