Seven Billion Religions

There are times when I have so many things on my mind I don’t know where to start writing. So many topics I would like to address that my forehead becomes tense. *Rubs temples*

I would say that most people want the truth and do not want to be fooled by the media or any third party and do not like to be spoon-fed information. The population does not want to take the things they hear with a nod, answer “Yes” or “No” like robots. They want to have their own independent ideas. One of the most personal and independent things is the topic of Religion.

Religion is such a tricky and touchy subject. Not only are there thousands of different religions, but in each of those religions there are different secs and branches that can be extended on. There is just so much to learn it drives me insane sometimes.

Someone told me once that religion does no good to the world and simply brings separation. At the time I had no idea how to reply because it seemed like a very matter-of-fact statement. Thinking about it a little bit more though, I found that religion is not the only thing that separates us. Because each one of us has our own unique brains and our own ways of processing the information before us, our opinions and thoughts will differ. No matter what we do, religion or no religion, there will always be separation. There will always be that one person in the room that won’t agree that Groundhog Day is the greatest movie of all time. There will always be someone who doesn’t take a liking to Marvel Comics(yes- shocking I know). And yes, there will always be Packers fans and Vikings fans starting fights at bars.

Might it be easier to think that there are seven billion different religions currently rather than thousands? Because that is how many people there are on this planet. We each have our own way of looking at things because of the way we were brought up, treated, schooled, et cetera.

Maybe learning to appreciate the different minds of others and to not get upset when that one person in the room doesn’t agree, can trigger a change in this age that could bring each person closer together.


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