Childlike enough to fix everything

The position of the artist is humble. That is what we must be because we are only a channel for the creative energy. We influence others and we spread the growth.

If anyone were to ask me, I would call myself an artist. Though my art is not necessarily jaw-dropping amazing, beauty and many different forms of art constantly invade my life. I also hope that my art makes people happy. I enjoy it well enough, but art is not  only for my benefit. But it is difficult to put that into practice and take your pride off of the table.

Tonight at a local-ish cafe’, I told a story for a monthly event called The Flame. The name of the event was a twist on the story telling cafe’ in New York called The Moth. Before the performance I was nervous. After the performance I, oddly enough, was even more nervous. What is that lovely middle part where you are in a floating-like limbo called?

When I was telling the story, I focused on what was in front of me. None of my problems existed. I was totally focused on the now. I want to feel like that at all times. All we have is the present, the current, the now.

Children tend to have a better grasp on this. If you would think about it, babies only focus on the thing in front of them. They do not think about what is in the next room. Toddlers and kids are able to expand that vision to the world around them and are busy figuring out their environment. Now, we as adults are able to extend that vision a little bit further. We can see the future, we can see the past, and we see all of the things that we would want our lives to be. The process seems to go in steps. Are all these steps good? Is coming to the last stage an advantage if you know how to balance it? I find that focusing on the things I should have said and the mistakes is pointless. I wish I was childlike enough to fix everything.


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