Peach Cake goes well with laughter.

Who here thinks that the people around you make you or break you? There are some that would argue that criticism is healthy- that you will be able to find your weak points and nip that flaw in the bud. They say that critics only criticize because they care and when you stop hearing from them is when you should start worrying.

Are you supposed to feel stressed after talking to people who “care about you”? Whatever I did, they would pick at every little detail and told me where I could do better, but would leave out the encouragement. It would get to the point where I would spend less time with them and more time avoiding their company.

I thought I was in the wrong because I wasn’t tough enough. My back-bone was not fully developed and I needed to grow some thicker skin. Criticism is good – but only from people whose opinions count. It comes from people that you can trust. You find it in those that show you both sides of the coin without showing you how to live your life when they don’t know how to live their own. People will come around and act like they care, but wolves in sheep’s clothing do exist and they will just chew you out bit by bit. Take the advice of those you truly would like to become. Never idolize, but respect. Those people are special, and they will follow you and believe in you all the way. I am lucky to have just gotten back from a whole room of those kind of people. I feel really rich…. and stuffed after enjoying good food with them. Nothing is more satisfying than a slice of peach cake and laughter.


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