People are your mirrors.

Knowing you are appreciated is one of the best feelings. Who does not like to feel appreciated? Not only having people thank you to your face, but other people bragging for you.

Voicing appreciation to other people is a great gift.

We have this strange society where we have to put ourselves on a pedestal and be the most in-control in the room. We have to be the best, the prettiest, the coolest, the one the talks the most, and the one everyone wants to be.

I have the pleasure to know so many wonderful people who feel greatest when they put others up. They don’t feel the social pressure to put others below them just because they can. I forget sometimes that the people around you are in a way a reflection of yourself. If they are happy, you are happy. If they are depressed, you in turn are depressed. Which could be why I don’t appreciate moments the way I should. I am thinking about my own happiness and not how I can make others happy. That is one goal that I hope to achieve every single day of my life- make others happy.



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