Digging and Reminiscing

Oh, the joy of being at home. The bliss of not having any places to be or people to meet that day. Just absolute heaven. Because it was such a nice day today, I worked in the garden for a few hours and made considerable progress taking the bushes out. Although I had work to do, I managed to get a considerable amount done. *Reward Please*

As I am waiting for my well-earned sandwich to heat up, I am reminiscing as I look at watercolor drawings I did a couple of months ago:

I see paper lamps and water dispensers from the restaurant we hiked to. I’m looking at the soft snow from the window as I sip my sweet hot chocolate. I find coins next to my toothbrush in the living room and orange peelings scattered all over the table after devouring the entire bag. Honey being squeezed into peppermint tea with the outside slightly peeking in through the closed curtains. I remember the good feelings from seeing blueberry sauce slowing slipping down the cheesecake. Unfortunately, time does not stop for anyone and the electric blankets turn into gloves holding bus tickets back home. Clenching my Matcha Latte in my hand, we wave to our dear friend who graciously tried to introduce us to the beauty of winter and the art of ignoring the cold.


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