The Cherry Blossoms ask for Patience

I am very glad that the rain stopped this evening. From the morning onward it has been just pouring. Rain is wonderful, but when it comes along with soaked socks and shoes, it’s not as pleasant.

Just last week, the freezing cold weather would hit my core and it would be so uncomfortable when walking anywhere. Good news though. It is March and the temperature is already changing. I am glad that it is slowing making the transition to a warm spring rain. I can not wait until the bitter cold mornings will be over and done with. As you’ve guessed, I am not good at handling the cold. I have tried to mentally force myself to become used to the cold, but I am afraid that it takes a lot more mind power than I am currently capable of.

What I am looking forward most to is the sweet cherry blossom smell combined with the morning dew. The blooming blossoms whisper to you, telling you that you are alive. They remind you that good things only last so long, but not to worry because they will come around again. They ask you to be patient. It is so easy to loose hope when things don’t go exactly as planned and you are not sure which path is the right one. The cards end up being dealt differently, and it turns out that crystal ball was wrong. We look through our lives through a microscope and we forget that it is a great gift to be able to experience the flowers blooming and life budding. The cherry blossoms ask for patience, and so I will be. 


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