What do I love?


Like most, I have this bad habit of not slowing down to smell the flowers. Sometimes I think I have even forgotten how. But my friend taught me something today. She asked me the question, “Why are you in such a hurry? The more you hurry, the faster you will get to dying.”

I always talk to the people around me about the work I have to do, but not as much about what I love. I feel that if I get into the habit of talking about the latter, I might be easier to be around.

What do I love? The smell of fresh laundry. The sound of pouring wine *glug glug glug*. Eucalyptus leaves. Snowflakes lightly falling outside. Constellations. The folds you find in clothes. Blueberry Cheesecake covered with cream. That one special person giving you one last glance over their shoulder as they leave. 

Somehow they each give me a sense of serenity, and you find yourself caught in that one moment that will be kept safe in your memory forever.

What is it that you love?


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