Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

I have not seen a good movie in a while, so I was pleased to see “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in theater. It turned out to be pleasant. I was not planning on watching it, but I did, and was grateful for the spontaneity of the evening. One quote from it in particular I found refreshing : Beautiful things do not ask for attention.

When I heard this, women taking selfies came to my mind. I am guilty of wanting unessassary attention as well, so I can not blame anyone, but this quote is such a good reminder to how we must all be humble. The wonderful things that are around us each day in nature can not even hold a candle to us. Yet, we strive to have the attention put on ourselves and try hard to make ourselves known.
What are some beautiful things that do not ask for attention? 
The sound of a trickling stream. Animals slowly emerging from their secret hideouts. A sunset burning a fiery red.
The stars making their way into the night sky.
We all love compliments and attention, but it is a sobering thought that no matter how much you compliment the nature, that’s not what is going to make it grow.
The same with us, even though compliments feel good and are great to receive, ultimately they cannot help us. 
To me, compliments and encouragement are different things. I love applause and I welcome it, but I value kind words of advice much more. It helps me grow. I realize more and more each day how much encouragement will make you bloom all the more beautifully. 
I would like to learn to be like those lovely people whose soul shines by being themselves and don’t hold up a sign in attempts to boast to the universe. They live to spread love to those around them, and don’t expect anything in return. In them, true beauty is found.

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