Don’t worry about reaching the top.

I have not written a blog post for a while. I started writing to figure out things about myself and sort out all that is happening in my head. But then I was afraid of my thoughts and writing not having enough depth. It bothered me that my writing was not beautiful enough and there was just too much growing to do. It scared me.

I wanted to write this blog to help me grow, and even stepping away from it also proved to be very helpful. We all procrastinate and  most of us have something that we wish we had continued. Like the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I realized that I missed writing and that I enjoy seeing my brain rants compiled.

I fish for the thoughts that are hidden in the dark corners of my mind, and I bring them to the surface to see them clearer. I find that writing helps you to get better acquainted with the one you spend the most time with: yourself. Sitting down to think will enable you to make wiser choices and decisions to make the best out of your life. History won’t be repeated (as much) and moving forward will be possible. You can track the ups and downs and see yourself start from an empty canvas to a painting with vivid colors.

What I also wish for myself is to learn from others. I don’t want to get caught up in my own limited thinking. What I want is to expand my horizons a little bit more each time I pick up a book, listen to a TED talk, or have coffee with a friend. The amount that we all have to learn can be intimidating, but if you look at your feet instead of the mountain you have to climb, you won’t worry about reaching the top. And when you finally do, will be a pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually was.


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