Brilliant Storytellers

It’s amazing how much drama we make up in our head. I don’t think that it is something that just girls do- but we do tend to
have a wilder imagination. Male and female both, we all are brilliant storytellers- fabricating stories in our minds and thus creating our own reality. We fill in the blanks because we just don’t know the truth. We become depressed over things that we don’t know is true or even a reality yet. These thoughts come with their full fury into our minds with fear propelling it. What we make up becomes our reality and we get mad and upset over stories. 

Of course there are bad situations that we can’t change, but making them worse than they are will not help you change the actual situation. We each have our own complicated hearts, and it would be wrong to judge people before we understand the whole situation. The goal must be to have clarity in all that you do. Be your own therapist and keep helping yourself though the process.


Find the peace.

After having so much eternal struggle these past two weeks, it all seemed to disappear for an instant this evening. As I was sitting on the train, I looked up from my cellphone as so did a young lady about the same age as me. We smiled at each other and I felt so much happiness in that one moment. It is a great feeling when both hearts are on the same page and there is no awkwardness or feelings left unexplained. As I mentioned in the beginning, I have been struggling a lot mentally, but I am thankful for two particular people who gave their time to listen and their open arms for a hug. 

I argue with myself that I cannot change people because it is not my place to. There are so many shortcomings in my own life that are difficult to make up for, so I can understand how difficult it can be to change. I have learned that we can not force growth upon others. All we can do is find those that will inspire you to keep moving.
Today was the first day my mind was calm and peaceful. When you have those moments of frustration, it is best to always keep holding on to the fact that no matter what, it will all okay.
Another good quote that I have from the past week is the following:
If you never give up on something you truly want, you are set.
How do you find peace in your own lives? Please share.


Eye Candy from Shibuya




Found these when I was walking around the Shibuya Tokyo area.

First: Very cute cellphone straps and magnets that are in the shape of every kind of food.

Second: I went past a cute noodle shop and this caught my eye. YES NOODLE STORE IM HAPPY.

Third: An Italian restaurant that I saw. It was over-grown with plants. A new gardener is in need.

Lost in Tokyo


When the WIFI is gone and I am left by myself in a different city, my mind panics a bit. Not panicking in the typical sense, but I  never know what to do with myself. I want to open the fridge to brainlessly check to see if anyone liked my status or saw my blog post- but I can’t. There is no fridge.
I sketched my breakfast this morning which consisted of sandwiches and lukewarm hot chocolate. It is difficult for me to draw food- especially warm food. I did not mind in Singapore or Bali because I had no appetite whatsoever. In my natural habitat however, I am infamous for pigging out. It takes great willpower on my part to draw then eat.
Today, I will attempt to find Tokyo Tower or Sky Tree. Before that, I want to go to Shinjuku and Shibuya because it seems to be the thing to do. I hope to not get lost. The problem is that I have no internet. I am alone with my thoughts and left to doing things the old fashioned way.
I was pleased when I got handed free samples of new snacks and crackers on the street. In Osaka we only get tissues and fliers.
I walked around all morning and I found myself in a famous Shrine in Harajuku. It was nice to listen to all of the different languages. I have never seen so many tourists in my life.
I bought a little good-luck charm for a friend. The women selling them did not look happy to be there though. They should buy some of their own items.
When I left, I went to go draw in front of the station. A woman approached me asking to sign my name for world peace. She handed me a trinket and asked for a donation. She did not seem to speak Japanese or English. I told her in both languages that I could only give a small amount. After I signed my name, I gave her 100 yen and she looked  displeased. 
Coming back, I wandered around looking for a place to eat lunch. As I was walking, the thought went through my head, “I hope to make a good friend”. I continued my search and in the corner of my eye I spot a kebab stand. The prices looked fairly reasonable, and I liked the idea of sitting outside on such a beautiful day. 
I ordered and made small talk with the worker. I found out that he was from Morocco and is currently working at random cafes in the area. We continued to talk for an hour after that and we agreed to meet again after he finished work. 
Later in the afternoon, we grabbed a couple of drinks from the convenience store and chatted in a local alley.
What he observed about Japanese people is that they are competitive and do not like to talk about personal issues. “Everyone wants to be better than everyone else, showing off their pictures, bags, or clothes- they don’t know how to be themselves.”
We talked about life and how to live.
He told me that we each have a mind and a heart. We listen to both at different times and when we have conflicting emotions, that is when the heart and mind do not agree. At those moments we have to learn to make the best choice. 
If you do not feel at peace about something, leave it. If you forget about it, you will feel better.
It was a lovely talk and I hope to see him again. Thank you Man from Morocco for making my day.
After doing a little bit of shopping, I drew my dinner and dozed off in a cafe’. The sofas were like marshmallows. 
There are many people in Tokyo. Everywhere I look I see swarms of ants. The good thing about riding the trains in such crowds is that you could fall asleep and you would not have to worry about falling over. 
The first day is over and I will start working tomorrow. I am looking forward to it I am praying that I will be able to find the meeting place. Wish me luck!


Bullet Train Rants

Is thinking too much a good thing? Does it sort out your brain or does it clutter it up more?

I am currently riding on the Shinkansen Bullet Train. Another adventure sounded refreshing to me, but this time I am venturing out on business and not pleasure. The man besides me just pulled out alcohol from his bag and is about to take a big swig. 

Whenever I travel, my mind goes blank and I find myself thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. It will be good to spend time away from home even though it will be a short trip. I don’t know what to expect and I will go there with an open mind and try my best.

I am glad that I have the smooth sound of the train moving along. It is relaxing and I feel myself dozing off. I only pray that I do not oversleep and miss my stop. The sun is starting to set and the view I see from the window is beautiful. I hope to see Mount Fuji on the way before it gets dark.



I usually name my paintings after I paint them. Before I start, I never know what I am going to paint. I examine them afterwards to think of a name. This was one of my earliest paintings and I did not have a name for it until I came back from Singapore. I visited a park area there with attractions and beaches called Sentosa. I found out later that it means “Tranquility” in Malay. After looking at it when I came back I saw peace in it and decided to call it “Sentosa”.