Don’t go down that path.

People tell me that the reason that I have a positive persona is because I have not experienced the harsh reality of life yet.

I never know what to say to those kinds of comments and I find my self apologizing for not having enough bad experiences. While it is true that I have lived a fairly sheltered life, not everything is easy. The internal struggles I create for myself can be suffocating. I often beat myself up for where I fall short, and become my worst enemy. Negative comments from others fuel it, even if they are slight.

One quote that I find comfort in is this one:

All bad events can benefit you and your future.
When I went traveling this past December, I was by myself for the first time. I started to feel alone when things were not working out the way I expected them to. When my mind started to go down that path, I told myself, “No, this is for my own good. Something great will come out of this”. Within ten minutes after having that thought, I made a friend and that event changed the course of my entire trip.
Not allowing negative thoughts into your head is very important. Even though good things might not happen instantly, don’t worry. Positive thinking becomes habit after awhile and you will find yourself attracting terrific experiences.

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