Find the peace.

After having so much eternal struggle these past two weeks, it all seemed to disappear for an instant this evening. As I was sitting on the train, I looked up from my cellphone as so did a young lady about the same age as me. We smiled at each other and I felt so much happiness in that one moment. It is a great feeling when both hearts are on the same page and there is no awkwardness or feelings left unexplained. As I mentioned in the beginning, I have been struggling a lot mentally, but I am thankful for two particular people who gave their time to listen and their open arms for a hug. 

I argue with myself that I cannot change people because it is not my place to. There are so many shortcomings in my own life that are difficult to make up for, so I can understand how difficult it can be to change. I have learned that we can not force growth upon others. All we can do is find those that will inspire you to keep moving.
Today was the first day my mind was calm and peaceful. When you have those moments of frustration, it is best to always keep holding on to the fact that no matter what, it will all okay.
Another good quote that I have from the past week is the following:
If you never give up on something you truly want, you are set.
How do you find peace in your own lives? Please share.



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