Brilliant Storytellers

It’s amazing how much drama we make up in our head. I don’t think that it is something that just girls do- but we do tend to
have a wilder imagination. Male and female both, we all are brilliant storytellers- fabricating stories in our minds and thus creating our own reality. We fill in the blanks because we just don’t know the truth. We become depressed over things that we don’t know is true or even a reality yet. These thoughts come with their full fury into our minds with fear propelling it. What we make up becomes our reality and we get mad and upset over stories. 

Of course there are bad situations that we can’t change, but making them worse than they are will not help you change the actual situation. We each have our own complicated hearts, and it would be wrong to judge people before we understand the whole situation. The goal must be to have clarity in all that you do. Be your own therapist and keep helping yourself though the process.


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