Security Cameras and Sandcastles

Do you constantly monitor yourself and ask how you can improve? Do you see how you can be a better person, friend, sister, daughter, artist, musician, et cetera? It can be tiring to have the security cameras on all the time, but if you do not have them running you feel like something is missing. I become very uneasy when I decided to unplug and relax.

How do you combat nagging feelings of procrastination and dreariness? How can you move on in life through mud that is trying to keep you below the surface. Can you keep a sane mind when emotions are running rampant? I don’t think anyone has the answer. In fact, I do not believe that one answer exists.
What I find to be a good rule of thumb is that if you learn how to tell the truth and learn to play nice with the rest of the kids in the sandbox, then you will be able to lead a contented life. When people steal your shovels and kick dirt in your eyes, doing likewise won’t turn sour feelings sweet. When your sandcastle crumbles or gets kicked to the ground, you simply have no choice but to build another one and remember how fun it is to keep playing.

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