Putting God into stiff shoulders.


This was the first time in ages I drew something from my area. Never underestimate how funny life can be. Things can happen no matter how close you are to your home.

Event 1#: Hiker comes down the hill with a stick and shouts to me in English, “What do you drew!” Without saying a word I show him the drawing. In broken English he asks where I am from and I respond in Japanese telling him I am from Japan. He walks off mumbling to himself, “Naruhodo….naruhodo”. “I see….I see”.

Event 2#: Half-way into my sketch a group of women from some kind of religion of light approached me with fliers. I had small talk with them when all of a sudden one woman grabs my neck and starts massaging it. She told me that she was putting God into my stiff shoulders. Was slightly strange but I didn’t move. I wanted to tell her to put God a little bit more to the right.


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