By the gate of your smile, fortune will come your way.

There is an expression in Japanese that I would like to translate as: By the gate of your smile, fortune will come your way.



I had it written on my cup at work for the past two years when recently it got wiped off by a student this past week. I didn’t mind of course, but the timing of it was amusing yet depressing. I try to remain positive, but it can be difficult when negative thoughts entertain you when you are alone. However, during an art fair at my school today I found a cellphone strap with the same expression. With happy nostalgic thoughts flooding my memory, I decided to buy it.

No matter what you are going though don’t forget to put on a smile.

I am finding out more and more that learning how to control your thoughts is a good skill to have. If I pity myself, bad thoughts return.
If I have a bad day, I want certain people to help me feel better about myself. It is when you have no other choice but to pick yourself up your esteem grows and you realize what truly deserves your attention. We entertain unnecessary thoughts and let them live rent free in our heads. We lose the precious time that we have by not exerting a bit more effort to focus on what matters.


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