Just a tourist in this world

It is a strange feeling to have been born and raised in a country where people always assume you are from somewhere else. If someone asks me where I am from, my automatic answer is Japan. I was born here… I was raised here… how can I not be from here? No, where are you really from, is the usual response. I have never been upset, it just feels strange. When I visited America for the first time in seven years when I was fifteen, I had culture shock. America is my passport country, but it never felt like a home to me. I feel like a tourist in America, but I am viewed as the tourist in Japan. I have heard third-culture kids say that they do not have a from, and that they feel like they do not belong anywhere. Now for me, I feel like I belong everywhere. I am the one taking pictures and gathering up anecdotes and experiences. We don’t have to limit our homes to just one country, one city, one street no matter where we think we are from because we are all tourists in this world.


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