Sushi tastes better with a good attitude.

I am off from work until the end of August and it just feels great to have the freedom to wake up at whatever time I want. With so much time off, the lazy side of me comes out. Too much bumming off can make my vision hazy, and I stop noticing the dishes in the sink or all of the clutter on the floor.
It’s terrible of me, but I was not especially hoping to find work over the summer, but a night of waiting tables and washing dishes at a local Izakaya found me.

I sometimes get asked to help out at the local bar, but I usually turn it down because I have other work until late. This time I had no excuse and I decided to try it again. When I woke up this morning, I started to regret accepting the work; the usual night of Facebook stalking and sketching could have been awaiting me. When evening started to roll around,  I decided to stop Third-World complaints and just do a good job.

It was always difficult working there because for one thing, at most Izakayas, they have various assortments of plates, cups, and utensils. Each one has their own place and it is near impossible to learn where everything goes in one night. Also, the more elderly crowd that comes to the bar are not used to seeing a foreign face in a Japanese setting. They always are surprised and I end up as the butt of the jokes.

On my five minute break, the owner of the bar made me a lovely sushi dinner plate. *Happy Dance* Egg…salmon…yellowtail…yeeeees. As I was in the middle of choking on my wasabi, my boss told me to eat fast and go straight back to work. Most people work like robots here and are not laid back. Though it is though at first,I appreciate this way of working because things get done.

The time I was there shot by fast and I ended up having fun working. In the end I was glad to have an excuse to get out of the house. I am not sure if it was the conscious choice to change my attitude  or the free food that came with the deal that made me appreciate the evening more. Either way, I am happy to come home with a full stomach and a more positive perspective. 


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