Can you jump over falling trees?

Yesterday we were supposed to reach our destination. My sisters and I got on the 5 AM train to make it to Nagano in the afternoon. Every year we take the same route. My sisters and I are usually exhausted from the 8 hour trip by the time we get there, but we get there. Unfortunately, this time we had a stroke of bad luck and found out we would cross paths with the Number 11 Typhoon.

We left early in the morning, and there was no wind or rain. I figured we could race the storm and it would be smooth sailing until we got to Nagano. However, because of the strong wind (I am guessing), a tree fell into the middle of the tracks en route. Sitting there, we found ourselves stuck on the train for two hours and then waited at the station for 3 and a half hours. Our journey was half way completed but taking twice as long. I always enjoy thinking that there are reasons why there are setbacks because it keeps my impatient side at bay.

We were very lucky despite the inconveniences. On the platform that we were waiting on were also a lovely couple from Holland on the same course as us. They were extremely patient and waited there for about 5 hours, sadly to no avail. The train wasn’t coming. We enjoyed talking to them until we decided that we should just back track a bit and see if our friend in the area could put us up for the night. It was a long day, and most of it was spent with my brain on screensaver mode.

Did I learn something from all of this? Was I even supposed to? Who knows, but maybe when I watch my life at the big movie theater in the sky, I will see how everything connected together.

There will be hurdles that we need to jump over and there is something to be said for remaining patient during the times the obstacles test your limits. I guess that is what I learned on this trip. I learned that I need to be patient.

We are still on our way, and though it gave me a bit of perspective, I hope that this time there won’t be any more trees blocking our way.


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