A poem that makes no sense




I was rummaging through my old papers and I discovered a poem that I had written when I was about fourteen. I used to write “poetry” all the time, but even then I had my dry spells and had nothing to write about. I quickly discovered that you can enjoy those dry spells, and wrote a poem about nothing to combat my frustration. I remember the process being very fun. I hope you enjoy the poem as well.


A Poem That Makes No Sense


A jewel in the middle of your eye

Surrounded by the crystal water

Of the tears you cry


Words of a river flowing

Wishing to fly well away

Into the peppermint wind blowing


You can’t stop your imagination

Soaring to the milky way

Or catch colors at Hanauma Bay


They measure the years of your life

By the colors of grey

That keep holding your light


Growing on the waves

Till you reach finally ground

To rest in your grave


To do good take your blood

Recycle to find your veins

Believing what you should let bud


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