Did time exist for you?

photo-80I took this two weeks ago in the woods of Nagano. The toys that interest us as we age is contrasted in this photo and it brings me back to memories of when I was young. I was not interested in the things that I am interested in now. The things that I found entertaining back then did not worry me and I loved it for what it was. Though as I got older, I trained myself to think and worry about the future because everyone else was doing it.

I would like to know what it feels like again— to have fun with something so simple, yet be amused by it for hours on end. Time didn’t exist for us because it didn’t need to. When it showed up, it presented itself as a practical necessity; something all need to survive in this world. I have come to know that being aware of the ticking clock is a curse that you can never undo. All we can do is wish for our lives to be simple and uncomplicated. For if we were to meet that child that was once ourselves, it can look at us and see a kindred spirit— a soul not cluttered with thoughts of work or pleasing others, but only interested in helping out in the sandbox.


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