Write about what you care about

Ever since I watched a video of Gary Vaynerchuck on social media, I have become slightly addicted to Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, and the like. I was not big on those kinds of sites until I started my own mini business online and each person that liked it or went to it mattered.

I love the idea of something being raw and relatable in art. When you strive for likes online more than good art, I believe you loose something. It becomes a business and you are no longer doing it for fun. Though it is wonderful to know people care about what you are doing, I would love to be able to shake these feelings of dependency off. Even as I write these words, my mind is telling me, “Check Facebook. You forgot to email Person A. Oh! Person B liked your post so you have to thank them.”

I love to travel because I know that I will not have internet access. I will be off the grid and it feels like a mini adventure to cut off something that I use so often. In this world you need to be constantly updating and posting about your life, but it is not real to me. I don’t want to post something just for the sake of it, but to share it if I really have an emotional connection to the art or to the blog post.

I realized that with my last post, “Life is like a screw”. I deleted it because I knew I posted it to get likes and not because I was proud I had written it. It meant nothing to me besides the fact I enjoyed my morning with my sister that day.

When I first started writing my blog, my sister gave me good advice. She told me, “Write about what you care about. You don’t need to compromise”.

I will do what I can to keep clear of compromise in the art realm, but looking through my newsfeed on Facebook less will be harder though. Look! I even found a support group for Facebook Addicts Anonymous:


Great stuff.


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