I only have Indonesian coins and bears


Do you worry often? I know that I have had my fair share of worry in the past. My imagination would go into a frenzy and I would become afraid of things I had conjured up in my head. I thought I had been controlling it better recently, but during my vacation earlier in August I realized that I still had aways to go. I stayed in the woods of Nagano with family, and this was the first year bears had come so close to the area. I would go to bed thinking of bears coming into the cabin, and me waking up with a bear in my face. It was not as fun because my irrational fears took over me the rest of the trip.

While I am not good at handling that kind of worry, I discovered today that I am fairly calm when it comes to non-life-threating situations.

Yesterday, I stayed in Nara with my piano teacher during Tsukimi, which is the time when the moon is fullest and brightest. I had a great time, and woke up in the morning fresh. It had been a while since I had stayed in my pajamas until one o’clock in the afternoon. I was not at my house, so unfortunately all of my electronics were on their last leg of battery time. I did not mind because I would be going back home in the afternoon to clean and my third-world problems would be solved.

After lunch, my teacher dropped me off at the station and I went happily on my way to buy a ticket. It was only few steps before I reached the ticket machine that I remembered that the day before I wiped my entire wallet clean. I was 20 yen short of buying the cheapest ticket to get on the train and had nothing left except a few useless pennies from Indonesia. It was the first time I did not have enough money to enter the station.

I told my self that I should be worried. Did I feel worried? No, not really. Despite my lack of concern, I was too embarrassed to ask a Japanese person for some spare change. The idea of it made me feel strange. Luckily, just as I was thinking about my options, a foreign couple walked up from behind me. Right then and there I asked them if I could borrow some coins. They were very kind and said that I didn’t need to reimburse them.

I bought my ticket, I got on the train. Bada Bing Bada Boom. Just one problem- I forgot I had bought the cheapest ticket. My original idea was to call my sister after I had gotten off of the station and beckon her to come to my rescue, but my phone was out of battery. Here I was, waiting for the train, and again thinking of my options.
Suddenly from behind me, I hear a Japanese voice asking me in English, “Where are you from?” Though the conversation started in English, we gradually switched to Japanese. Turned out, he was in the group with the same people who had helped me ten minutes earlier. I asked him if I could borrow his phone and I was able to call my sister. We were talking until I got off, and thanked him one last time.

Though this was not the most spectacular occurrence from this week, it was a simple experience that reminded me that it is not necessary to freak out about minuscule problems.

Worrying is just for the bears.


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