I finally was able to upload another photo to my project Cakes in Random Places. My lovely friend Stephen let me use his film camera. The cake was small but deadly! I had a fun time eating it in the park with them after the photo shoot.

Cakes in Random Places


A good friend of mine let me use his film camera while he visited my sister and me earlier this summer.

I had never used one before and I realized how much practice it takes. When I take photos, they are usually done with a digital camera; snapping photos one after the other became so easy that I was not careful when I shot with film.

 A the things that I would change in this photo are many, but the idea of it being raw and being unchangeable appeals to me. I did not plan for it to look so far away, and the chocolate cake with blueberry cream is hardly visible (though delicious).

The stars were not completely aligned for this shoot, but I cannot pass up sharing this one. I had too much fun with my lovely friends that day.


Above photo: Credits to SB

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