Who used my iPod?

I was on the train going to Kyoto this afternoon while thinking about my random businesses and jobs. My head was going on a long brain rant about money- thinking about how I could get more people interested and how we can pay our bills. I don’t enjoy thinking about it, but it always seeps into my thoughts.

With thinking about money, worry always seems to follow. I worried and wondered how I could make money or at least sustain myself while doing the things that I love. It is not an easy thing.

I came out of my trance and took my iPod out of my pocket and opened my notes. I am the only one who uses it, but the first thing that opened up was an entry that I had not written:

Always focus not on if it can bring money, but if it brings happiness.

I still don’t know who used my iTouch, but that was what I needed to read there on the train.


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