Happy for a good reason

Today nothing happened. I went to work and I came back home. There is nothing much to say about today.

I woke up, dug in the garden, and went to work. I have an easy job, so I can not complain— except that I am slightly embarrassed about boss scolding me this afternoon. I ate my lunch around 4 PM and clocked out on the dot. Nothing special happened. I don’t think I changed anyones lives, and I will probably not remember this day to tell my grandchildren (Not that they would be particularly excited about the details of a sandwich I ate). But when I came back home, I was happy.

Not because I accomplished anything spectacular. Not because I finished work. Not because the sandwich I had at lunch was pretty darn good — But because I was so happy that I was alive.

It is a simple appreciation, but it is the most important one.


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