Please wait.

Wait… please wait.

Please wait until I finish all of the cleaning that I have to get done today. The dust always seems to come to stay. There are always more clothes and dishes to be put away.

You will wait right?

Please wait… please wait until I have all of the piano pieces memorized. Until the guitar gets mastered, and when that old harmonica is on its last reed. There are so many notes to play and melodies to sing.

You can wait for that right?

Please wait… please wait. Until all all that needs to be toned gets toned. When I can look in the mirror and I smile at the way my body sits. The muffins I bake seem to be becoming muffin tops on my hips.

Until it all gets done, please hold on.

Please wait… Please wait. I still have letters to send, Thank You cards to write, birthday presents to wrap, and smiles to give out. There is a lot of love that people don’t know about.

You will wait for that won’t you?

Please wait.. Please wait. I still am confused about everything. I want to do this and want to do that the next and nothing seems to make sense. He says one thing and then she says another. The romances in the moving pictures told me that it would get better.

Please be patient until I figure everything out.

Please…. please… Say that you will wait. Please say something, anything.

Time? Time…Are you listening?


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