A sweet transition

With new goals at hand, I feel a little more awake. I have discovered a new love for sitting in the local organic cafe’. I have Demian on my left and just finished a sketch of the kitchen in front of me. All the details of the buttons on the oven to the spoons and ladles in the pots. It was a very exciting sketch.

While I was sitting here, time ceased to exist and when I came out of my drawing trance, I didn’t know how many hours had passed. I carried no watch or Itouch for the first time in years. It was a curious feeling, and I sat and wondered if this was what living in the now felt like.

I had a satisfying lunch here at Mother Beans. It was a beautiful-looking egg and veggie sandwich with soup on the side. Though it was pleasing to my tastebuds, my stomach didn’t seem to agree and was upset until I left the shop. I listened to the songs the shop played on repeat to the point where I think I could sing along with the entire track.

I would have to say, this Friday was a sweet transition to the weekend.photo-95 copy 2


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