The Restaurant Critique

I feel myself becoming a restaurant critique. The restaurant that I was in had great ambiance. The lighting was not harsh and the whole space was filled with a warm glow. The seating was also interesting. Each section told a story. With that being said, my first complaint would be that the stool chair was missing a place for my feet, so they were left dangling. But the place had plenty of space under the table to store bags which I appreciate in a restaurant.

The salad bowl had a cute shape, but unfortunately, with its size the big leaves fell out easily and I ended up with lettuce on my shoes. On the topic of bowls and such, the soup bowl again was quite out of the ordinary with its shape. The only problem being was that the fingerprints of whoever touched it before me was very visible. It was a little disgusting, but the taste of the Minestrone soup made me forget about it for a short while.

photo 2-4 copy 4photo 1-2 copy 3


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