By the light of the bar


Today with my sister, we took a little outing to the local laundromat to dry our blankets in the middle of the night. We talked about how we should just be more adventurous, to spontaneously go to Okinawa or get on a random bus to see where we end up. We asked ourselves about what we really wanted and we concluded that we have no clue. We thought about the future, and what we are going now to help speed our careers along. What are we doing?
It was one of those nights where we ask all of the cliche’ questions and answer none of them.
The blankets finished and were light and fluffy. We walked back home and I saw all of the colors and lights of the Izakaya bars on the way.


One thought on “By the light of the bar

  1. Cheers to adventure…. of course doing your laundry in the middle of the night can also be quite an adventure. I probably would have stopped at one of the izakaya for a snack or two…. and then drinks,,, and then stumbling home…. perhaps a foolish adventure would unfold. Seeing as you resisted temptation, I am forced to conclude that you’re so much smarter than I am.

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