The Hidden Gems


 I drew this sketch of an organic market that was going on in Nagoya. I was on my way home from farming and I wanted to add Nagoya to my list of places I’ve sketched in. The only problem is that there is absolutely nothing to draw there. The buildings are bland and grey. The streets don’t have any thing in particular that make them stand out. I could not find anything that I wanted to draw. When I decided to stop here, I had forgotten that this city is not known for being the most interesting place on earth. It was only when I happened to come across a little fair going on outside. I went through it and left without giving it too much thought, but after walking a ways I knew that I would not find anything better. I decided to sit down and draw the ginger shop. It took me about 40 minutes, and during that time I got approached by many lovely people. I exchanged addresses with one woman because she wanted a sketch. A few old men laughed and said my colors were beautiful. A woman also from the area asked if she could interview me for a local newspaper. I ended up having a great time in the few short hours I was there. I’ve decided that even though a city may seem dull, there are always hidden gems waiting.You just have to wait for them to appear.

After getting home, my friend who lives in Nagoya messaged me, You were in Nagoya? There’s nothing to do here.


2 thoughts on “The Hidden Gems

  1. There are hidden gems everywhere, if only were weren’t blind to them.
    I have been through Nagoya a couple of times, but I have never stopped to look around.
    The colours of your sketch are very nice.
    This morning I came across a man sketching on the bus (how he kept his pencil still baffled me, and I do the crossword and my pen goes all over the place. I digress. He was drawing figures in red and under the harsh fluorescent light of the bus, it looked pretty garish.

    1. Thank you so much Anthony!
      Even though Nagoya might not have much to do, it does have its on personality so I would recommend it! 🙂
      I love to watch people sketch. You will defiantly not find anyone sketching on the busses here, but in Nara I always run into a few who sketch the temples. Even though we are all looking at the same thing, we interpret it completely differently.
      Thanks again for your comment! Hope you are well!

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