Open, close. It’s 9:43.
I hear the loudspeaker and see what I see.
The windows of the train holding all of those lives that are fleeting.

The girl with siren red hair, laughing. The old woman in the purple coat shivering. The suits going to their companies. The girl falling asleep on her knees.

They are all you, they are all me.

That was the train that left at 9:43.


2 thoughts on “9:43

  1. You know, one thought that comes to mind is that of curiosity concerning what will be going on in the minds of all those are on the other side of the window that seperates you and them.

    Seeing as though this was the 9:43 train, in one way or another, I guess we will never get the chance to ponder such a thought.

    Thank you for this post.

    1. Your comment made me very happy this morning. Thank you very much. :)) I always wonder as well, what the people on the other side of the window are thinking… but thank you for letting me know your thoughts on this post! Appreciated 🙂

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