What have I learned exactly?

photo-168I’m uncertain of how I should start off this post after a long hiatus. In my head, a lot has been going on, but at the same time it seems like I’m simply going through the motions rather than using my minutes, hours, days to the fullest.
I have started working at USJ officially and I’m currently on my second week. The first few days during the middle of my shifts I asked myself why in the world I decided to take this job. This week was a little bit better and upon finishing I thought, “I guess that this time it wasn’t so bad”.
In this short period of time I have learned a lot through this position, a few lessons that I can apply to my daily life as well.

What have I learned exactly?

I have learned to count money the correct way, and I have learned to speak politely in Japanese to customers. I have learned to smile. I learned that I am scared to go to certain areas of the park. I have learned to deal with customers that can be a little bit unpleasant, and realized that I cannot take their bad attitudes to heart. I have been in situations that made me have to stretch the truth to my superiors. I blamed a couple of things on the Chinese when it was my own incompetence. I beat myself up for that on the way home, but I am happy that I caught myself at least. I was not strong enough to handle it in the moment, but I am hoping that for next time I can because I am a bit more prepared.

There is a lot, a lot more that I have put to memory these past weeks, and I will update slowly on this Universal “journey”. I am not allowed to give away much for privacy reasons, but I think there is nothing wrong with mentioning experiences that are beneficial to growth.

On the way home, I saw this woman on the train. What was written on her shirt lifted my spirits.


4 thoughts on “What have I learned exactly?

  1. …in life, sometimes, needs must.

    It is not, and will not, be forever.

    Take what you can from it, exactly as you are trying to. I worked at a Theme Park in the UK one summer…it was an experience!! I also worked a computer games stand at a market stall every Saturday when I was 14 years old for about 6 months…winter mornings in the UK at 7am, setting up a market stall, with the wind throwing the tarpaulin roof off the metal frame of the stall and the stall boards getting soaked by the freezing rain, not to mention me!!

    I’m sure I took a lot of things from both those experiences…one overriding point now though is that I’m NOT doing either of those things now…and that makes me both great full for my own situation and hopefully empathetic to others in a similar situation…so, there is always something you can take with you through life it seems.

    1. I loved to read what you wrote! 🙂 Thank you for reminding~ 🙂 It is so easy to make yourself a victim when you are in the situation XD I will do my best though! Thanks for your kind words~!

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