In this moment

photo-174Your face will smile, your tongue will dance.

That was what was written on the sign of Papa Jon’s, the cheese cake shop in Kyoto we went to yesterday. The combination of the food and the lovely company did make my face light up, giving me the energy that I needed at the time. I have been working at USJ and it is not exactly the most relaxing position. With the smiling all day, arranging, and the tight-knit Japanese environment, it was not easy in the beginning. I have not been there long, but little by little I am starting to become more comfortable and more confidant in my knowledge with the park. I am excited about getting better and becoming even more familiar.

I also have been reading a lot of blogs and books that are keeping things into perspective. It is easy to think that your life is tiring, and when I am in a normal state of mind I laugh at how moody I can become. I realize how ridiculous it is to pout.

Life is so beautiful. What are some beautiful things that I jotted down this past month? The kids that I teach after school waved from their cars and screamed to me, “Johnna sensei, bye-bye!” My singing teacher, the absolute angel helping me pass a test that would be impossible to do with my own resources. Friends that you can jump on, laugh with… enjoy with. These are the people you don’t feel pressure to impress, and it is so relaxing. Thinking about all of these things made me so happy today. I don’t want to loose this feeling. For those times when I fall I want to remember this beautiful day. I want to remember that in this moment I have everything.


2 thoughts on “In this moment

  1. It can be ever so difficult to pull yourself out; pull yourself up ,when you’re down…your heart, your spirit, your mind in the wrong place.
    Sounds like you can pull all of them back out and up with these thoughts Johnna! Hope you always have the ability to turn around a day, a week, a month, a year; by keeping thoughts and knowledge like this inside.

    Thank you so much for the cards…they are wonderful. Plus the bandana…no, didn’t get one, so that was a superb surprise. .And the extra cards too!! Haha! I knew you were a genuinely thoughtful and kind person 🙂
    Cos of all the extras, to my mind that now means I owe you! So, let me know if there is anything from the UK you want…or I’ll just have to think of a way to pay you back when I (hopefully) see you next year!

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Was so nice to read this morning. I’m enjoying this lovely 8;00AM with some green tea ;D!!
      I do tend to get into down moments, but then I try my best to get out of them. It is hard like you said, but it is possible so…!!The next day is always better, and with some new hobbies I have it is keeping my mind off of a few things 🙂

      No not at all!!! I felt so bad that it took so long to get it to you 😦 My services were not up to par so apologies T-T My sister and I are contemplating going to Europe this year during the winter if possible!! If that happens, I will let you know!!!!!!

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