One last goodbye

I just had a lovely moment. Our eyes met. I blushed and looked down. This happened many times while he was talking to his friends sitting across from him on the train. I wondered at that time what kind of connection they might possibly have.

We were going in the same direction on the train. Would he get off at the same station? Who was this person? Half-asleep, my brain was a tangle of questions and possible answers.

The train slowly pulled up to the platform, and the station’s name was announced. He picked up his bags and the doors opened. I saw him wave to me as he exited the train. With a smile he mouthed a good-bye. From the windows I saw him stretch his hand out for one last wave. I copied his gesture and with a tired grin I also said good-bye.

This is one of the reasons I like to stay awake on the train even after a tiring day of work. Someone can touch your heart when you least expect it.

In that moment no one wanted to use me to practice their English. There were no words or exchange of conversation, but the intense feeling of curiosity and the happiness in the stolen glances.

I felt in love in that moment. I fell in love with that moment.


9 thoughts on “One last goodbye

  1. You seem to have had that moment that I often hope for when I am on the bus. Mine might have happened, but yours seem so much clearer and so much more vivid. Then again, there is always tomorrow……

    1. I tend to never expect it when it does happen 🙂 It doesn’t happen often, but its always a surprise. This time was probably the most noticeable ? Looking forward to reading your blog post if you have something like this ^^

      1. I am not sure this is similar to yours, but there are some fleeting moments in my blog. Check out March 23, June 24, October 25 and December 4 of 2014 to see what I mean–these are fleeting moments on the bus between me and other commuters… or mostly they are between me and my vivid imagination.

      2. How about you? You’ve got more than one artistic element to you. Does the painting come easier than the writing? Do you wish you could do one more than the other? Do you have enough time to pursue all your artistic endeavours?

  2. For the longest while, I focused on Mr. 8:42, a regular commuter on the train I take to work. He looked so much like my boyfriend who had died recently back then. Over the long time of watching him, I discerned which exit of the station he came in. Then I got to know his walk, or should I say his run from the bridge to the station, as he was often jumping onto the train at the last moment. He noticed me noticing him, for in my new grief, I couldn’t help but stare for a while. And then, after some years, he disappeared from the 8:42. I didn’t see him for a couple of years and then I switched to the 8:14. One day, a man walked off that train and gave me a hot look, so now, there is a Mr. 8:14 in my day. Every now and then though I miss the 8:14. Three weeks ago as a matter of fact, I found myself getting on the 8:40 (changed time for the season) and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Mr. 8:42 sitting in the place where he usually had sat before! I really needed to see him that day. It was like a hello and a ‘you’ll be ok’, from Min, my late boyfriend. I enjoyed your story, Johnna. Thank you for sharing it. Those kind of moments are warming, fun and special.

    1. Hi Kim! Your comment drew me in this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story. I feel like these kinds of moments are very fleeting, special, something to be jotted down and treasured- I know I would never remember them without any aid. A question- are you planning to/is there an opening for the start of a conversation with these Mr’s? ^^ I hope the best for you and for more of these beautiful moments in your life 🙂

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