London, Lists, Lines



I have returned from London and I feel like I am still getting in the swing of things. When I say swing of things, I mean slowly preparing myself for going back to work. I love working and working hard, but there gets to be a point when the boredom at certain jobs can reach such a level of dullness, it starts to become painful. Wording it like that sounds horrible, but it some positions just don’t work for certain people.

What was a blast was some observations and sketches I made while I was visiting London. I will keep a few to myself, hidden in my notebook only available to those who come by for a coffee. Five for you.


  1. The toilets are square.Who has a square ass? 
  2. There is a lot of brick. Everywhere. I have never seen so much brick in my life.
  3. The “Tube” is literally the shape of a tube of toothpaste. 
  4. In London, shops look like Ikea. The whole city is a cute hallmark card.
  5. All museums are free. Sold me on the country. 

6 thoughts on “London, Lists, Lines

  1. I just nominated you for a community award. Please do not feel pressure to follow it or its rules. Hopefully more people will visit your blog as a result–though I do not have that many followers, so don’t expect a landslide.

    1. Hi there Anthony! It has been a while and a while since I’ve written consistently. That is so kind of you! That has gotten me more pumped to write a bit more about what has been going on these days. Thank you kindly and hope you are well.


      1. Yes. However, I am joining a group of, I think, 17 other people. It isn’t definite, but I think they are all British.
        I joined a group cycling tour by Exodus Tours (they also do walking tours). I am really excited and really looking forward to it.

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