What do I write


Born and raised in Japan

Going to different places and drawing there is my thing now

Music will always be apart of my life, even when I go away for a while

Love to smile, smile to love

People are cool even when they aren’t

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15 thoughts on “What do I write

  1. Dear Johnna,

    It was good to talk to you briefly at The Flame tonight, and to see some of your artwork. I have also had a quick look at your website and would like to suggest you might like to consider submitting some of your work (visual or written) for the April 2015 issue of The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers. You can visit The Font at http://thefontjournal.com/, and contact myself and the other members of the editorial team at submissions@thefontjournal.com.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Glen!

      It was very nice meeting you as well!! Thank you so much for your comment! I will check out the website. I have never submitted work to anything before, so I don’t know if anything would compare but it sounds like a lot of fun!!


  2. Hi Johnna,
    Love your blog. Hope you get to keep it up and balanced with work. I will follow with interest until we hopefully cross paths again one day.
    I also want to say that it was marvelous to speak with you last night. I would love to talk more about your creative side especially. Though I gave up my song writing years ago, I still have all the lyrics and songs I recorded all pretty much in one place at home! Had to make the choice between business creativity and artistic creativity and unfortunately the bills won that battle!!
    Take care and best wishes always to you, a genuinely lovely person to have met.

    1. Oz! Thank you so much for the other day. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for your kind words (not deserving Im sure ^^) and also thank you so much for the order as well!! I was so surprised to see your name pop up this morning! I will try to send it asap! Might be hard depending on postage to get it there before the 21st(based on past orders) but I will ask at the post office!!! Hope you are doing well, and safe travels. Keep in touch!

      1. Hi Johnna,

        I meant every word, so yes, definitely deserved.

        No rush on the order…i would prefer that it arrive *after* 21st August.

        I will try to keep in touch with you fairly regularly and watch your blog and artistic creativity with interest. Hopefully next time we meet we will get to have that longer sit down and talk about everything…so sorry I’m not staying here longer and have to go back to Tokyo area today. Pre-booked accommodation, etc!
        Take care,

      2. I see I see!! Got it! I will send it later then :)) Much better! ^^
        Please do keep up! I update the blog sometimes. Sadly with work it has become one of those things I have to get around to doing, but I think about it all the time 🙂
        Would love to get to know you better someday as well! ^^
        Safe travels~~

  3. For the last few days I’ve either been in the back of beyond (with minimal wifi access; which is frustrating to say the least!)…or with only about enough time to click likes on things! So, sorry for the late response…I will now go and catch up on your blog! 🙂

      1. Hi Johnna,
        Hope you got my msg via IG.
        Please let me know when you post the postcards and I will keep eyes open for them arriving…looking forward to getting them!! 😄
        Take care and speak soon,

      2. Hey Oz!! How are you doing?? I hope you enjoyed the cards!! Let me know if they weren’t what you expected or not>< and I will try to make it up to youTT

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