In 10 years

I constantly stumble across these little poems that I wrote when I was younger. Makes me think that I might have to up my game and compete with my younger self. When I was thirteen, I had this giant notebook filled with stickers, poems, lists, anything that I felt like writing. That is where I pulled the mini poem below from. It’s amazing how much my thinking has changed.

“In 10 Years”

In 10 years all of these things will pass
All of the hurt and the confusion
Will be all gone and won’t last

In 10 years I’ll wish I knew what I knew now
I’ll have so many regrets
Just because at the time I didn’t know how

In 10 years I’ll wonder why I made such a big deal
About things that never could matter
Instead of things that are real

In 10 years I’ll still be the same person at heart
My hopes and wishes might change
But can’t go back to the start

In 10 years God will still be the same
Yesterday today and forever
He’ll be with me through the pain


Three…three…oh three’s…


Run run run to catch the train.
Stand stand stand to lift the pain
Cry cry cry though there is no need
Hurt hurt hurt oh how your mind bleeds.

Wish wish wish till you go insane
Hope hope hope to stop this game
Grow grow grow learn from mistakes
Wince wince wince hide my face.

Stop stop stop I think too much
Sigh sigh sigh don't leave my love 
Go go go please do something else
Bye bye bye forever to my awful self


Open, close. It’s 9:43.
I hear the loudspeaker and see what I see.
The windows of the train holding all of those lives that are fleeting.

The girl with siren red hair, laughing. The old woman in the purple coat shivering. The suits going to their companies. The girl falling asleep on her knees.

They are all you, they are all me.

That was the train that left at 9:43.

Little Brown Leaves


Little Brown Leaves on the ground.

Looking up from where they fell.

Wondering about the moving time.

How fast their life passed them by.

Once standing tall in the trees.

Are now lower than each persons knees.

Going back from which they came.

Knowing what would happen after the rain.

After all, sad to see it end.

Even though summer will come again.

(Five years ago)

That one fire burning


Images pass by your eyes

It all seems like a dream

Fleeting hopes ad wishes

Till you fall asleep

Searching for meaning

And the gleaming light of day

With that one fire burning

To make all the fear go away

I see the ray of hope

That is peeking from your eyes

The one who doesn’t front

Who won’t believe the lies

The relationships you hold

Must be held and kept

Save the love and live

Please learn not to fret.

A Robin’s Love Song

Life would be beautiful if I could just be with you, said the little Robin to the Little Bird Blue.

We sing different songs, but could you listen to mine? Finding you is the melody of my life.

I trip over my notes, and I don’t whistle what I mean. Oh, look how complicated love seems.

May you give me a chance, have me not? Forgive this Little Robin’s song if it’s not what you want.

Five years have passed

A poem from my 17-year old self:

Life’s a blessing
Life’s a curse
Theres no way
Things can get worse

Things undone
Things unseen
Life’s full of things
We didn’t mean

People took it
In a different way
But I guess
No ones to blame

For all the pain
You put me through
Even though I fell
Ill have to thank you

You made me stronger
Than I was
My tears fell
And I lost my trust

But its alright
Because in the end
If I could
I would do it again